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[Blog] Black Klaxon – K.O.H (2014.05.12) “5/9 Ikebukuro EDGE Set List”

2014-05-12 21:55:15

5/9 Ikebukuro EDGE Set List


1. So…Life!?
2. Loveless
3. vice the world (new song)
4. kawaita daichi ureru hana [Dejected Flower in the Dry Earth]*


[Translator notes]
* The original kanji for this is 『渇いた大地憂う花 』. For song titles written in kanji, I will romanize it so people can read it correctly and then put an English equivalent in brackets. Most song lyrics and titles are up for interpretation, so if you can think of a better English equivalent, feel free to let me know!

source: K.O.H’s Official Blog