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[Blog] Black Klaxon – Rey (2014.05.17) Picture Post

2014-05-17 20:38:02

Picture Post

Pictures from yesterday音譜

picture post_00


picture post_01

picture post_02

picture post_03

picture post_04

It really feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Nagoya ニコニコ
I’m excited for Black Klaxon to play in Nagoya アップ

Later 星

A post from your big brother, Rey


[Translator notes]
* cheki are small Polaroid pictures many visual kei bands sell at their lives, usually for ¥500 each.

source: Rey’s Official Blog

[Blog] Black Klaxon – Rey (2014.05.17) “5.16 HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA”

2014-05-17 15:49:26


Thanks everyone音譜


I was honored to be a guest vocalist for Lustknot.ニコニコ

To everyone who came and had fun

thank youラブラブ

And thank you to all the participating bands and staff!

Xenon played a tour in Fukuoka and Tokyo so it was really noisy in the dressing roomにひひ

Lustknot. members, thank you!!
I was worried that I might not doing you justice, but I had a lot of funニコニコ

You guys are important friends!

I’ll write another blog later音譜


A post from your big brother, Rey


[Translator notes]
source: Rey’s Official Blog

[Blog] Black Klaxon – Rey (2014.05.15) “Studio”

2014-05-15 05:55:20


Good work!音譜

I was at Lustknot.’s studio.ニコニコ

It was funアップ

I was frantically trying to remember the lyrics, but seeing friends enjoying themselves made me have fun tooにひひ

I could tell that they really are something special when they have their vocalist with them in the studio.

I’m sure their LIVEs are even more fun!

Lustknot. members and fans, let’s all have fun together!

I don’t want to be the one who creates the atmosphere. I wanna have a live like Lustknot. where the fans can get up close to the band and create it!

Let’s have a blast音譜

Let’s create a stage that exists only on that day!


A post from your big brother, Rey


[Translator notes]
* Lustknot. is another visual kei band (HP)

source: Rey’s Official Blog

[News] Black Klaxon – New Single Release

Black Klaxon will be releasing their new single, Happiness, on July 9, 2014 (Wed).


[Price] ¥1,944 (tax in)

01. Happiness
02. vice the world

01. “Happiness” PV

You can purchase in Japan at

  • Any famous indies CD shop in Japan
  • Black Klaxon live
  • Official Web Shop

There is no official information about international purchases on their home page, but CD Japan has other Black Klaxon singles in stock, so I think it is safe to assume Happiness will also be available there. I will update as soon as new information is available concerning international purchases.

source: Black Klaxon HP