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[Blog] RevleZ – Kyoma (2014.05.11) “Kashiwa ThumbUp”

2014-05-11 22:40:18

5/11 Kashiwa ThumbUp*

Thank you, Kashiwa.

Everyone had such awesome energy.

I’m psyched up!

Seeing everyone’s happy faces, made me happy too.

Did my feelings reach you?

I already said this during my MC

But I’ve been hearing the word “disband” a lot recently.

Us being able to continue playing as RevleZ isn’t a for sure thing.

Nothing is ever a sure thing, really.

You never know when something might happen.

It’s already too late once you regret.

But that’s why in you have to cherish every moment, and live without regret.

I convey that through my music.

So I want all of you to meet my expectations.

Tomorrow is Nagoya.

Fatigue is no excuse. I’m gonna give it my all. I hope you live up to my expectations.

Kashiwa ThumbUp


[Translator notes]
*Kashiwa ThumbUp is the name of a live house.

source: Kyoma’s Official Blog

[Blog] RevleZ – Kyoma (2014.05.11) “5/10 Sendai MACANA”

5/10 Sendai MACANA*

2014-05-11 00:57:54

4days: day 2.

It was my first time in Sendai

Sendai was fun.

Did everyone have a good time?

I’d be happy if the people who saw us for the first time just remembered our name.

We’ll be back.

Sendai was nice.

[Translator notes]
* “Macana” is a live house in Sendai (link)
source: Kyoma’s Official Blog

[Twitter] RevleZ – Kyoma (2014.05.08)

When people encounter hardships, they immediately look back

But even if you have hardships, you should look ahead and push forward with all you’ve got instead of dwelling on the past.

I’ve had a lot of difficulties too, but I continue living making music

Push forward, and whether you succeed or fail, you will definitely benefit from it.

You are not alone in life

It’s not much, but I want everyone to hear what I have to say*

You only have one life.

We should live our lives holding onto something.

Even if you can’t put it into words, we can know the courage and strength to move forward.

That’s what I think

You aren’t alone in life. You have family, friends.

And also music.

I can’t do a live by myself.

It’s the support of others that make it happen.

You’re not alone, so you can also make friends.

Appreciate every moment in your life.

Starting tomorrow, enjoy every moment

[Translator notes]
* I’m not 100% on this line. That’s the general idea at least though
source: Kyoma’s Official Twitter