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[NEWS] ALSDEAD – Now receiving orders for「Born To Be Dead 2015」LIVE DVD【Regular Edition】

The following is a translation of what you will see if you want to purchase the Regular Edition DVD. (online shop: http://shopping.deli-a.jp/products/item_Info.php?itemID=7307)

Product Number: AL01-001-005

ALSDEAD LIVE DVD「Born To Be Dead 2015」【Regular Edition】

Limited Production!!
includes 3 discs, special package, special booklet

■ DVD details
・Complete compilation of  the 10/9 ALSDEAD presents ONEMAN【Born To Be Dead : CODA】performance held at Takadanobaba AREA
・select footage from the three oneman concerts on 9/12, 9/18, and 9/19
・member solo clips
・Backstage and making of footage
・compilation of clips from all previous music videos

■ Special booklet details
・24 pages full color
・concert photos
・member commentary on all compositions

※Check the ALSDEAD Official Website for details

※We will ship items as they become available at the end of November

※The product pictures are only for reference. Before purchasing, please note that the product’s actual color, shape, etc.  may differ.

※In the case of ordering multiple items, everything will be shipped as soon as all items are available.  Please be careful when ordering items with varying shipping dates.

There may be changes in your order without advance notice.
Shipping dates my change if items arrive at different times due to circumstances in manufacturing and/or transportation.
In the event that your shipping dates are changed, please refer to this page for information.

Price (tax included):  ¥8,424
Stock: Currently receiving orders
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[NEWS] ALSDEAD – Receiving orders for【Special Edition】DVD Extended!

Oct. 11, 2015

10/9 Orders for the ALSDEAD LIVE DVD「Born To Be Dead 2015」【Special Edition】have been closed, but due to popular demand we have extended the deadline for online orders!

All items are made to order so be sure to place your order within the specified time.


ALSDEAD LIVE DVDBorn To Be Dead 2015」【Special Edition

■Resale time period: 10/11 (Sun) 12:00〜10/18 (Sun) 23:59

▼Purchase here


URL→ http://shopping.deli-a.jp/artist/alsdead.php


ALSDEAD LIVE DVDBorn To Be Dead 2015」【Normal Edition

■Ordering period: 10/16 (Fri) 12:00~10/25 (Sun) 23:59*

Now accepting orders at BARKS×ARTIST DELI SHOPPING

[Translator notes]

source: ALSDEAD Official HP

*Please be aware that dates and times are based on the local time in Japan

[NEWS] ALSDEAD FIRST LIVE DVD「Born To Be Dead 2015」Announcement!!

[Update] preorders for the special edition DVD have been extended! See here for details

Oct. 6, 2015

ALSDEAD will be selling a live DVD for the first time!

In September, we announced that ALSDEAD would put a temporary pause in our progress and go on hiatus.

The DVD will be a compilation of the four one man lives.

The last live before going on hiatus, “Born To Be Dead : CODA,” will be included in it’s entirety. In addition, the special edition will include valuable footage and amazing bonus gifts.

The regular edition will only include the DVD. The special edition will include an original, one of a kind, special bonus gift (according to the member of your choice).

This is a once in a life time chance to purchase this DVD set! Sales are open for a limited time only. Don’t miss your chance to get it

See below for details!


ALSDEAD LIVE DVD「Born To Be Dead 2015」

【Special Edition】¥9,800(tax included) ※Includes an amazing bonus gift limited to initial orders

【Regular Edition】¥ 7,800(tax included)

Specifications(Special and Regular edition: 3 DVDS, and amazing special package, commentary on all songs, special booklet

※All items are made to order

■ Details


・Complete compilatoin of footage from the 10/9 ALSDEAD presents ONEMAN【Born To Be Dead : CODA】live at Takadanobaba AREA

・Select footage from the 9/12  ALSDEAD presents ACOUSTIC ONEMAN【Born To Be Dead : PROLOGUE】, 9/18 ALSDEAD presents ONEMAN【Born To Be Dead : ch1】, 9/19 ALSDEAD presents【Born To Be Dead : ch2】performances

・Collection of members’ solo shots

・Backstage and making of footage

・Clips of all music videos

Special photo booklet>

・Unpublished live photos

・Commentary from members on all ALSDEAD music compositions

Bonus gift>  ※Please note that the bonus gift is only included in the 【Special Edition】set

 CD with the【Born To Be Dead : CODA】live version of songs

 Package with autographs of all members

 Member bonus gift(※one gift per purchased item of the selected member. Be sure to select the member you want when making your purchase)

Maki bonus gift】handwritten lyrics card*

・Maki will handwrite lyrics of your choice onto a card

・You can choose one song per purchase

Shin bonus gift】complimentary ticket to his guitar seminar*

・You will receive one ticket per purchase. Participating fans will be able to see Shin’s performance up close. Tickets will be issued at a later date (numbered tickets to determine the order of entry will be given at random)

Yosuke bonus gift】DVD personal message*

・A DVD where Yosuke will say your name and desired message

・We will ask you for your name and desired message for each purchase

NIKKY bonus gift】complimentary ticket to his drum seminar*

・You will receive one ticket per purchase. Participating fans will be able to see NIKKY’s performance up close. Tickets will be issued at a later date (numbered tickets to determine the order of entry will be given at random)

Details about Shin’s and NIKKY’s bonus gift seminar

Details about time and place of the seminars as well as ticket delivery will be announced via the official website and official Twitter at a later date.

Session 1: Shin’s guitar seminar

Session 2: NIKKY’s drum seminar

This is an event where fans of Shin and NIKKY can see them perform up close. People without any music experience can also enjoy this event. There is also a possibility of guest appearances from other members!

※Only people with Shin’s complimentary tickets may attend Session 1. Only people with NIKKY’s complimentary tickets may attend Session 2. People with both tickets may attend both sessions.  (Even if you are unable to attend, you will not be refunded for the DVD. Thank you for your understanding)

※There may be changes without any advance notice.
[Translator’s notes]

source: ALSDEAD Official HP

*For details of the Special Edition DVDs and each member’s bonus gift see here:

I made a mistake and posted the Shin translations on accident before finishing. Sorry for any confusion!

[Lyrics] ALSDEAD – 秘密 (Himitsu)

Lyrics: Maki

Even though you’ve been interested in someone else these days,
I don’t want to lose you
That’s the only reason why I’ve never brought it up

It’s easier to pretend like I don’t notice anything
So I’ll continue to act nonchalant
And try not to destroy these tranquil days

You just being there every time I turned around
Was enough to get me through those uncertain nights
I’m not asking for everything
so could you somehow just hide that secret

My friends jokingly say that I should just tie you up
But there are deep reasons for why I can’t do that

We keep wronging each other
The truth is always hidden
But Paradise won’t continue on forever
Soon, it will meet its demise

You just being there every time I turned around
Was enough to get me through those uncertain nights
I’m not asking for everything
so could you somehow just hide that secret

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[Blog] Brand-X Staff Blog (2015.03.28) – “ALSDEAD In-store Event”

ALSDEAD, In-store Event♪

March 28, 2015

After releasing their single, INAZUMA, on March 11, ALSDEAD was the first group to host their event today (●⌒∇⌒●)

They cosplayed today!! Yosuke dressed up as a high school teacher and Maki, Shin, and NIKKY were all students!! We also counted the audience members as students and started everything with teacher, Yosuke’s, orders of “Everyone stand, attention, bow!” (*^▽^*) [T/N: Japanese students typically start class with greeting this teacher in this manner]

Maki, Shin, and NIKKY were all transfer students so they had to give a self-introduction and state which clubs they wanted to join. (^∇^)

After answering questions from everyone, they played a drawing game (^○^)
The categories were “Colonel Sanders,” “People Who You Think Are Hot,” “Black Telephone,” and “Titans from Attack on Titan.”
The audience was the judge.
And the results were…???

Thank you to everyone who came out today as well as the band and the staff ヽ(^◇^*)/

ALSDEAD’s upcoming schedule:
4/5 Toshimakoen (tickets are currently on sale at this store!!)
4/17 Ikebukuro EDGE
4/23 Ikebukuro EDGE
There are many other lives and events coming up! Please see ALSDEAD’s official HP for details!!

[2015.03.28] brand-x instore event

A quick snap of ALSDEAD after today’s event☆

[Translator’s notes]

source: Brand-X staff blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2015.01.26) “AREA3”

Theme: Maki

Today was the third live at AREA* this month

We’ve been having intense set lists, so this time, we had kind of a special set list

Everyone was really great

HERO, Snow, Cattleya, Hacktivism, In Bloom

It’s been a while since we played those songs, but it was fun

I’m excited for Nagoya and Osaka too!

NEW SINGLE INAZUMA in-store event
Sunday, February 1, 2015
little HEARTS.Osaka
OPEN 3:45pm/START 4:00pm

Sunday, February 2, 2015 OSAKA MUSE

First ALSDEAD Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Oneman Dennkousekka
2nd round presale tickets now on sale!!!!
March 13 @ Shinsaibashi Clapper
March 14 @ Imaike CLUB3STAR
March 20 @ Takadanobaba AREA

[Translator notes]
*the name of a live house in Takadanobaba
source: ALSDEAD Official Blog

[Live Report] ALSDEAD – Yosuke’s Birthday Live (2015.01.09)

Yosuke’s Birthday Live
2015.01.09 (Fri) @ Ikebukuro EDGE


Set List

  1. Idea
  2. Kill the King
  3. Peggy-O (New Year vers.)
  4. Puzzle
  5. Mokusatsugeki
  6. Pandemic
  7. Nostalgia
  8. 9.N
  9. Twilight
  10. Life of Sorrow


  1. Snow

SCAPEGOAT opened the live, which I was a little surprised at. Usually in this lineup, I would expect xTRiPx to open, but it actually worked out quite well.

I had just gotten back from America at 4 a.m. the same morning so I was a bit tired by the time I went to the live. I decided to just relax in the back this time since I was pretty much exhausted already. It was a lot more crowded than I thought it would be, which was a pleasant surprise.

During xTRiPx’s set (at least I think it was xTRiPx’s set, it could’ve been SCAPEGOAT), there was a sort of pathetic-looking wall of death. It’s really quite cute compared to the western version. Everyone splits into two groups so there’s a huge gap in the middle. When they get the signal to go, they all kind of hop-dance towards each other while waving their hands in the air.

After SCAPEGOAT’s set, the crowd thinned a bit and after xTRiPx, it thinned even more. I somehow ended up being in the second row on Yosuke’s side of the stage. Good for me, but bad for ALSDEAD. I’m always sad when people leave before the band hosting the live performs. I didn’t think I’d have enough energy to be in the front row, but xTRiPx did a pretty good job of pumping me up so I was ready for ALSDEAD.

All the guys were wearing suits with blinged out ties when they came out (I haven’t been to an ALSDEAD live for a while so I’m not sure if this is the same outfits they wore for everyone else’s birthday lives). Yosuke was complaining that it wasn’t fair that everyone’s gem on the tie were the same except for Maki’s.

They played Peggy-O pretty early in their set-list. I thought that they might play it more towards the end since it’s “Yosuke’s song,” but it was actually pretty smart to play it towards the beginning. I think it helped pump the crowd up even more. During the part in the song where Yosuke usually does some MC and teaches the crowd when to jump, he said that they were actually thinking about retiring Peggy-O. But since it’s one of the most-requested songs, he said they can’t really stop playing it. He also joked that today’s Peggy-O would probably be the peak performance of the song—it being his birthday and all—and that it would be all downhill from here… too early!

I’m glad they played Life of Sorrow. It’s always so epic live. There’s a part in the song where everyone turns to their right, facing the wall, and violently fist pumps over their bodies towards the stage. Whenever there are people who haven’t been to an ALSDEAD live, they are always taken by surprise. It gets pretty intense. Basically, if you don’t do what everyone else is doing, there’s a high possibility of you getting punched in the face.

As you can see from the set list, this was an extremely high-energy live. There was only one ballad… that was sung in the encore… by Yosuke.

The band members all came out for the encore one by one, as they usually do. First Nikky came out, and all the fans cheered for him. Next was Shin. More cheering. Next, we saw someone’s silhouette holding a bass. Assuming it was Yosuke, everyone started cheering Yosuke’s name, but we were surprised to see that it was Maki holding the bass! At last Yosuke came out, holding only a microphone. Without so much as an explanation, the band started playing and Yosuke started singing Snow.

He sang much better than I thought he would. He sounded a bit nervous though, and Maki helped him out when he seemed to struggle a bit. Yosuke didn’t sing as well as Maki, of course, but he was able to hit the notes pretty well. Despite a few mishaps, I couldn’t help smiling at the performance.

Suddenly, everyone stopped playing and a recording started to play: a little girl’s voice singing happy birthday… but when it got to the name, she sang “Maki-chan” instead of “Yosuke.” Yosuke went from shocked to fake-annoyed and all the fans laughed. When the singing stopped, the front row of fans popped some party streamers as one of the live house staff members brought out a birthday cake. He handed it to Yosuke and lit the candles. Before he left, he popped his own party streamers, which ended up accidentally blowing out Yosuke’s birthday candles, so he had to relight them before leaving.

Yosuke blew out his candles and kind of stuttered and stumbled over his words when he started to speak. Maki poked fun at him, saying that he’s not the same Yosuke when he’s center-stage, but that on the flip side, his own fingers were sore from playing bass so long. Maki thought it would be pretty easy to play bass, but constantly moving up and down the neck to play, made his fingers burn. Yosuke said that now that they understood each other’s hardships a little better, they should be nicer to each other.

The last song—still sung by Yosuke—was FLASH BACK. Everyone couldn’t stop smiling. For some reason, having Yosuke sing was just really enjoyable. He didn’t seem to know what to do during Shin’s guitar solo. He ended up playing some air guitar, did some silly dances from center stage, then went over to Nikky and played some air drums. It was pretty hilarious, and definitely an entertaining way to end the live.

Going to this live was definitely a good welcome back to Japan after coming in so early on a red-eye flight. Hopefully next time I’ll have more energy from the start!

After looking at their revamped OHP, I realize that the look they had at this live is, indeed, their new look.

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.23) “Important Something”

Important Something

2014-05-23 23:01:25

important something


Yesterday at the studio, I realized that there are still a lot of things that are lacking in ALSDEAD.

NIKKY and Yosuke are going beyond my expectations on the song we’re working on

After the studio, I went home and rearranged the song some more with Shin

Doing that, I felt a sense of moving forward that I haven’t felt before

It was a new sensation

I can’t really put it into words

But it feels like it’s something that’s necessary for the band ⊂((・x・))⊃



[Translator notes]
source: Maki’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.22) “Production Process”

Production Process

2014-05-22 19:33:48











Today we went to the studio to test out some songs.

It’s just not the same listening to it on the computer at home. Actually performing it helps me imagine the energy of a live.

So this time around our music is gonna have the feeling of a live performance.

I remember before, somtimes artists I liked said stuff like “This time, we made our album from a studio jam” during their interviews.

But I remember not really liking any of those albums.

I’m sure a lot of work went into making that sort of thing

But, to put it simply, the feeling of “I like the stuff that took a more elaborate effort to create” was really strong in me as a fan.

I’m gonna try not to forget the feeling of loneliness of that time

and attach it to my music



[Translator notes]
source: Maki’s Official Blog