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[Interview] GASHUKIKO Volume 14 — UNNEVER END

Bursting into the scene with a surprise attack TRA TRA TRA will set out on their one-man tour in November. With their 2nd one-man at Shibuya REX as the tour final, and a goal to surpass their first one-man, they continue their onslaught of surprise attacks. We asked the band some simple questions… From their […]

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[Interview] EvoL’v Special Interview: TRA TRA TRA

NEXT GENERATION Vkei Free Magazine EvoL’v
Volume 18
August 2016

Nothing will change in how we do things

With our attack force, “We Have Had a Successful Surprise Attack” we are pushing forward.


―With their huge success at the live they hosted on July 22nd, we have TRA TRA TRA with us today! Bassist Mamoto withdrew from the band at that same show, and you announced that you would continue on with only three of the members. Will there be any changes in the band’s concept moving forward?

Omi: After many meetings, we ended up with only three members, but “after the rain comes fair weather” as they say, and a strange strength in unity was born. I feel like our gigs have become more solid in an aggressive way. We’re a lot more extreme than we used to be.

Ryo: We’re definitely going to push our concept stronger than before so look foward to it.

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[Interview] Oricon Style: “Reimported” from Europe – Death Metal Band debuts in Japan

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In the 12-district weekly ranking dated 9/15, FASCINATING VIOLENCE—an album by melodic death metal band GYZE—ranked 57th in the Hokkaido district.

In May of 2009, Shinomoto brothers Ryoji (guitar and vocals) and Shuji (drums) formed their previous band in Sapporo where they inspired a new style in the city’s “Extreme Scene”. They then relocated to Tokyo and changed the name of their band to GYZE. In order to gain a spot in Wacken Open Air, the world’s largest metal fest, they competed in the Japanese preliminary event at METAL BATTLE JAPAN in 2012. They were not able to take the championship, but with their talent they were able to gain wide-spread recognition.

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[Interview] VA ANOTHER SIDE: the GazettE RUKI’s Jack of All Trades

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For this edition of “RUKI’s Jack of all trades,” we present Conversation Project Part 3.
We have the long version of the conversation between RUKI and our guest, Aki from SID, concerning their private lives and friendship.


I think we’re on the same wavelength with our “childish conversations.”  (RUKI)

It just felt like they really stuck to their own styles (Aki)

–When did the two of you meet?

RUKI: How many years has it been since we first met now?

Aki: I don’t really remember. But I’m pretty sure we met at Shibuya O-EAST’s Battle of the Bands. There were a lot of other bands there too. I had heard of the GazettE before that, but we never met. I thought you guys were really cool when I saw you perform.

RUKI: Don’t lie (laughs).

Aki: It’s true! (laughs) As a band, the GazettE is our senior by about a year or so Continue reading [Interview] VA ANOTHER SIDE: the GazettE RUKI’s Jack of All Trades