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[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.06.14) “I’m writing a blog”

I’m writing a blog

2014-06-14 23:48:05


I’m writing a blog





Tetsuya Komuro*



Speaking of TK,** I like those clothes

Good night ( ゚∀゚)


[Translator notes]
* Tetsuya Komuro (a.k.a. TK) is a Japanese keyboardist, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music producer. (wiki)

** TK is a clothes brand (OHP)

source: Yosuke’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.05.22) “Selfies”


2014-05-22 22:35:00

Today I present you with selfies taken at our photoshoot

First up:


Doesn’t my hair look darker than it actually is (゚Д゚)?

Picture #2
















Mirror selfie

Don’t mind all the makeup suppliesヽ(^0^)ノlol

if you think I look cool “like” this post pleeeaaaaase。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。lololol

If there only a few likes even after asking I’ll be so sad((ノД`))*worried*

6/5 Takadanobaba AREA


[Translator notes]
source: Yosuke’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.05.21) “Celebration Party”

Celebration Party

2014-05-21 21:25:00

Yesterday we had a party with just the four of us to celebrate our live performance.

celebration party













It’s a new start with the four of us

With these members, we’ll definitely go far

No doubt about it (○´∀`○)


I don’t really remember what happened during the latter half of the party

hehe (・∀・)

My head still hurts (´д`)


[Translator notes]
source: Yosuke’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.05.19) “Renewal”

5/19/2014 11:17:00 PM


The header for my blog has been changed


It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself(○´∀`○)


Our drummer,

NIKKY, has created a blogヽ(^0^)ノ


As expected, he writes about such boring things


There is a lot to look forward to here on out(○´∀`○)


Well then

I guess I’ll go to bed with these strange thoughts in my head



6/5 Takadanobaba AREA

[Translator notes]
source: Yosuke’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.05.18) “The Night is Over”

2014-05-18 11:34:00 PM

The Night is Over

It’s already been a day since the formation of the new ALSDEAD

Today will be a rest day


What do you think of my new picture??

Cool, right(・∀・)??


Did you listen to the venue-only STARLESS CD??

How was it??

Insanely cool, right(・∀・)


Looking forward to your thoughts(○´∀`○)

The presents I got yesterday

the night is over

I read all of your letters tooヽ(^0^)ノ

Thank you


6/5 Takadanobaba AREA


[Translator notes]
source: Yosuke’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.05.17) “Judgement Day”

2014-05-17 23:55:00

Judgement Day


Thank you everyone!!!!!

We finally have 4 people

Thanks to that and all of you, we’re off to a great start

It might not have been very long since NIKKY started being our support drummer

But we were really close

So it didn’t take NIKKY very long to fit in with ALSDEAD

We were able to show that to everyone today

I’m really thankful that you accepted him as part of the band

ALSDEAD will continue to moving forward

We’ll keep pushing to the top

together with all of you awesome ALSERs


Maybe I’ll go get some drinks tonightt(○´∀`○)

judgement day


6/5 Takadanobaba AREA


[Translator notes]
source: Yosuke’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.05.15) “Two Days Left”

2014-05-15 18:48:00

Two Days Left


Only two days until our live!

It’s taken so looong (○´∀`○)

It makes me happy to think that this day has finally come

Yesterday we had a radio recording

Today we had a super intense last rehearsal for the big show

The studio rehearsal
had such a heated atmosphere

It’ll be a day that all of you,
And of course us too, will never forget (・∀・)

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[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.05.11) “Early Start”

2014-05-11 20:20:00

Early Start

Tomorrow we have an early start



We’ll be meeting while it’s still dark outside




Just got back from the gym, now I’m gonna get ready for tomorrow’s shoot then sleeeeeeepヽ(^0^)ノ



One week until the live we’re hosting.*




Don’t miss out on the new and improved ALSDEAD


[Translator notes]
* 5/17 ALSDEAD is hosting a live (The title is literally “ALSDEAD presents…”). It’s pretty common for one band to host a small live where 5-7 other VK bands play.

source: Yosuke’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2014.05.08) “Search”



The other day I watched the “How do you like Wednesday?”* DVD

I knew it’d be funny(○´∀`○)

It was hilarious。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

cos of thatI suddenly wanted their other different DVD and went to go buy it


They weren’t selling it _| ̄|○

I looked around the shop that I often go to

I ended up going to five different stores and finally found one copy

It was a second-hand store

It cost more than it original cost despite being a used copy。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。!!!

so of course I felt conflicted
I couldn’t resist the urge and bought it


I enjoy walking around stores looking for something (○´∀`○)lol


June 4, 2014 (Wed. )ALSDEAD NEW SINGLE『STARLESS』Release!
May 17 (Sat) Pre-order for 『STARLESS』 will be available at ALSDEAD’s live at TSUTAYA O-WEST
 【General disc】STARLESS
Price: ¥1,296 item No. DCCL-152
General tickets available via playguide
・Lawson’s Tickets (L-code: 74286)
・Ticket Pia (P-code:227-543)

[Translator notes]

*A Japanese variety show aired in Hokkaido. The Japanese title is 水曜どうでしょう. wiki link

source: Yosuke’s Official Blog

Personal: I love Yosuke’s blogs! They’re so interesting!! haha