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[Twitter] ALSDEAD – Yosuke (2015.04.24)

[2015.04.24] Yosuke_twitcast

Yosuke: I wanna do a radio show ( ゚д゚) But I don’t like the sound of my own voice (´・_・`)

Yosuke: TwitCasting, huh ( ゚д゚) How do you use TwitCasting?? lol

Yosuke: I see. I kinda get how to use TwitCasting. Maybe I’ll give it a try either tonight or tomorrow ( ゚д゚) Sorry if I don’t do it (^ω^)

Yosuke: If a lot of people want me to do it, I’ll do it. If a lot of people don’t want me to, I wont ⊂((・x・))⊃

Yosuke: I must still be tired from yesterday. I fell asleep after I got home ( ゚д゚) I fell asleep at a weird time and woke up ( ;´Д`)

Yosuke: I wonder if Maki will TwitCast too ( ゚д゚) Maki-o~\(^o^)/

[Twitter] ALSDEAD – Yosuke & Maki (2014.05.21)

yosuke and maki playing games + underwear O_O

Yosuke: Playing video games at Maki’s house. I see one of Maki’s underwear━━(゚Д゚)━( ゚Д)━(  ゚)━(  )━(  )━(゚  )━(Д゚ )━(゚Д゚)━━!!!!

Maki: Don’t look!(‘A`) pervert

[Translator notes]
The guys were out drinking to celebrate NIKKY joining the band. Yosuke missed the last train so I guess he’s crashing at Maki’s house.

source: Yosuke’s Official Twitter


[Twitter] Black Klaxon – Rey (2014.05.09)

click for vine clip

@BlackKlaxon_Rey: 池袋EDGEお疲れい(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)来てくれた子、楽しんでくれた子ありがとう☆メイク落とした後やからゼノンさんの仮面を借りて☆ 

Rey: Good work at Ikebukuro EDGE (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) Thank you to everyone who came and out and enjoyed themselves☆I took of my makeup so I borrowed Xenon’s mask☆

Rey: It was fun, Tokyo☆
I gained more followers after the live! So happy☆
Rey: going back to Nagoya!
I want to do a live in Nagoya too☆
I miss Nagoya!