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[Twitter] Eat You Alive – Makoto (2013.12.16)

Makoto: Ahh, I can finally tweet! lol From our Finland concert we had another early flight with a connecting flight and have arrived in Berlin, Germany ( ̄ー ̄)

Makoto: The authentic beer that I’ve been craving!!!! Freakin’ delicious (>_<)

Makoto: 2nd beer lol I can’t get enough of this authentic German beer ( ̄ー ̄)

Makoto: While I have the chance, here are my thoughts from yesterday! The Finland concert was awesome! (>_<) I was surprised there was such a long line for the autograph session lol Thank you for coming everyone (^o^)/

Makoto: btw, here’s my drum set from yesterday!! I got hyped from such good equipment (>_<)

Makoto: Thank you again for all the letters (^o^) Everyone in Europe draws portraits so well (>_<)

Makoto: Here’s a jumping shot of the live house staff from the Finland concert lol You guys moved so well! I really appreciate it (>_<)

Makoto: The staff prepared Chinese food for us after the live (>_<) I’m starting to miss Japanese food (*_*)

Makoto: The hotel in Finland was really nice, but because of our next flight we only stayed about four hours (^o^;)

Makoto: Hey! My drum solo’s been uploaded to YouTube lol feel free to take a look (^o^) [youtube link]

Makoto: btw, it’s 4:35 in the evening German time! We’ve gone through a lot of countries so the jet lag is intense lol

Makoto: And we’re off! Finally got a taxi (^-^)v

[Twitter] Eat You Alive – Makoto


Makoto: Japan! Heading off! (^o^)/ (btw, I’m going to stop using Twitter until I get back to Japan! Sorry!)


Makoto: Nuuuu~! I’m gonna use Twitter after all (lol) EAT YOU ALIVE is in Paris right now! The local time is 11:45 (>_<) Doing some sightseeing before going to the venue (^o^)/

Makoto: Kenji all by himself (lol)

Makoto: And our tour bus!! “Gekido Edition” lol the boss is using his Iphone (>_<)

Makoto: Kenji and Ryohei (lol) Surprisingly, Paris wasn’t that cold (*_*)

Makoto: Yesterday: Japan→Korea (connecting flight)→Paris. It was about a 12-hour flight (>_<) My first time on an airplane was fun (^o^)

Makoto: Ta-dah! The “EU TOUR” T-shirt! ( ̄ー ̄)

Makoto: Btw, this is the back (^o^)

Makoto: Today we were at a giant shopping mall since morning! The Paris shopping mall was too big (>_<)

Makoto: We ate bread from a famous shop in France for breakfast! It was super good! (^o^)/

Makoto: Kenji, one who will sleep in the streets of Paris. (>_<)

Makoto: The most famous live house in Paris (>_<) In other words, we won’t be playing here today (lol)

Makoto: Crazy!! I’m seeing the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes!!

Makoto: Paris was awesome! Now for a short nap, then it’s on to the next flight!! Off to Finland!!

Makoto: Thanks for all the letters! (^o^)/

Makoto: EU setup for my drums (lol) I’m glad my solo went well too ( ̄ー ̄)

Makoto: The Paris live house staff! They were all really nice (^o^)/

Makoto: btw, this is what the live house looked like

Makoto: The lighting at this live house was super pretty (^o^)/

Makoto: The food was super good too (^-^)v

Makoto: Waiting for our flight to Finland! Local Paris time is 6:30 in the morning! I should be sleepy, but really awake for some reason lol

Makoto: In Germany!! Waiting for our connecting flight to Finland!!

(source: Makoto’s twitter)