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[Blog] ALSDEAD – NIKKY (2014.06.08) “details leading up to my joining”

2014-06-08 23:14:00

details leading up to my joining

I’m pretty sure those of you who are reading this have some kind of interest in me

So I thought I’d write about something a little deeper

It’s something I’ve never mentioned before


From when I was just a support member up until I actually joined the band, I’ve heard a lot of different “voices”

“ALSDEAD doesn’t match NIKKY”

“Nikky doesn’t match ALSDEAD”

“You should play metal, not visual kei”

“I don’t want someone from GALEYD to join”


As long as there are those who support me, there will also be those who criticize me
It’s really important for me to know what kind of opinions people have about me
I’ve thought about it alot on my own as well
I got a lot of invitations before deciding to join ALSDEAD

It’s not like I decided to join ALSDEAD right away
I just always put ALSDEAD first.
I had a lot in common with the different members both music-wise and outside of music so being with them felt very natural.

I wasn’t able to decide right away

Would I really be a good addition to ALSDEAD? Would it be good for me?

When I was with GALEYD, I played a lot of lives with ALSDEAD and saw them form their band image over the years.
What would happened if I joined that?
I thought about these things over and over and over and over…
I talked with the members of ALSDEAD a lot, and they said that I was really important to them

I thought… with these guys it would probably be fun, right?

And one night, called Maki

And said:

“I want to join you guys”
From then on
It was more like I was creating the new ALSDEAD together with them rather than trying to fit in with the old ALSDEAD

The rebirth of ALSDEAD has only just begun

This is still just the prologue


Let’s move forward together


[Translator notes]
requested by anonymous on tumblr.
Sorry it took so long!

source: NIKKY’S Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – NIKKY (2014.05.23) “It’s NIKKY again…”

It’s NIKKY again…

2014-05-23 00:33:00

Got to the studio and polished, reworked, adjusted, and refined our new song

After meeting at the studio, we changed some things with the song, found new things…

I’m looking forward to see what kind of song it ends up being

Since announcing that I’m joining the band at our last performance, we haven’t done any lives so it’s been kind of lonely

I hope you guys all come to our lives and in-store events

6/5 Takadanobaba AREA


[Translation notes]
source: NIKKY’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – NIKKY (2014.05.21) “NIKKY here”

NIKKY here

2014-05-21 22:33:00

I’ve gained a lot of different views on life from people recently.

People can move the hearts of other people

That’s what I believe


This is completely unrelated, but here’s a picture from the day we shot our PV

NIKKY here










Having joined the band, the other members and I will go forward with conviction. I hope you will experience our new music with us


[Translator notes}
source: NIKKY’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – NIKKY (2014.05.19) “I’m NIKKY”


5/19/2014 7:59:54 PM

On May 17, 2014
I became a member of ALSDEAD

A lot happened before I joined

I was on support drums for many months
but that was just a mere shadow of my true self.

Even so, a lot of people took care of me, and I caused trouble to a lot of people

I was able to join this band because
I’ve been supported by such awesome members

I will do my best
to repay such kindness and to be recognized as a member of ALSDEAD


Thank you for your support



[Translator notes]
* Like Maki, NIKKY signs his blog with the hiragana 「に」(“Ni”), the first part of his name.

Also, the name of NIKKY’s blog is “にっきの日記” (nikki no nikki), which translate’s to “NIKKY’s Journal.” It’s a cute play on words because the pronunciation of his name is exactly the same as “journal” in Japanese.

source: NIKKY’s Official Blog