Personal Sites/Sites I manage

★ twitter
All my translations will be accessible via my twitter account. I also follow different visual kei bands and and a few visual kei news sites. Feel free to follow me/chat with me here as well!

★ tumblr
All my translations will also be shared on my tumblr account. Other than my own translations, the majority of my posts here are related to the GazettE and other bands (like ALSDEAD, SCAPEGOAT, etc.) that I follow.

★ Google+
As of April 2015, I’ve also started posting my translations on my Google+ account as well.

★ Flash Back Alsdead
Fan page for Alsdead

★ Unnever End
Fan page for Tra Tra Tra


☆ Fadeless Liberty
This is my friend, Sena’s blog! She’s a fellow Sixth Gun, ALSER and VK-lover, but her blog is focused mostly on reviews and translations for otome games and drama CDs. Check it out! Click here for a short description about otome!

☆ Japanese Music Strike
Visual kei news releases, band specials, reviews etc.There are a lot of posts about many lesser-known bands too!

☆ HipHop Vomit
A site for romanized lyrics

Communities I frequent:

★ Summer Rain Scanlations
This is the scanlation group that I participate in that mainly focuses on shoujo manga.

★ Monochrome Heaven
A forum that was originally dedicated to visual kei music, but now includes a variety of genres and discussion topics. Definitely a good place for quick VK news updates.

Reliable Visual Kei-Related Sites:

☆ Visual Kei Heaven
Jrock and visual kei news, reviews, interviews, etc.

☆ Sattered-Tranquility
Visual kei news updates, interviews, translations, live reports, etc.

Support the bands:

★ CDJapan

★ YesAsia

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