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[Lyrics] TRA TRA TRA – メルト (Melt)

Single: メルト/We-KID
Lyrics: Ryo

Bound intimately by the sensation of these trembling hands
Crushed by solitude, I let out a laugh and wake up!
Good night, self

Sweet, sweet temptation
You see, idiots never learn
They fall, a wild frenzy into the night
Forced to dance the dance, into that trap

I can make it! mid night party

Destroy everything
Melted by those hands
Just over there
I laugh at the me that was

Exchange the fun of this night for my left arm
I don’t want to see any of that crap anymore
Just make it all disappear

The sweet, sweet cry of your voice
I want to gain that heat
Taint me more
I don’t care if it’s all a lie

I can make it! mid night party

Until the very end
Fake it, even if it’s just for show
Those tricks
Are improving more and more

let me bounce, let me bounce, forget everything
I pretend I could get away and laugh
When there’s really nothing there, I put a lid on it
Plus, I’m used to losing everything
I swore that there was no love,
but even so, if I catch a glimpse of it, I search for it
In reality this is where I cried
Just for now, I want to drown in this night

I don’t believe anyone or anything
Even though the solitude goes on filling the gaps
On these lonely nights
I want to sleep being loved by you

Original Lyrics:

孤独に潰され笑い出す 目が覚めた!僕よ、おやすみ


I can make it! mid night party


くだらない何も見たくない どうせなら今すぐ消して


I can make it! mid night party


let me bounce 飛ばせ すべてを忘れて


[Twitter] Eat You Alive – Makoto (2013.12.16)

Makoto: Ahh, I can finally tweet! lol From our Finland concert we had another early flight with a connecting flight and have arrived in Berlin, Germany ( ̄ー ̄)

Makoto: The authentic beer that I’ve been craving!!!! Freakin’ delicious (>_<)

Makoto: 2nd beer lol I can’t get enough of this authentic German beer ( ̄ー ̄)

Makoto: While I have the chance, here are my thoughts from yesterday! The Finland concert was awesome! (>_<) I was surprised there was such a long line for the autograph session lol Thank you for coming everyone (^o^)/

Makoto: btw, here’s my drum set from yesterday!! I got hyped from such good equipment (>_<)

Makoto: Thank you again for all the letters (^o^) Everyone in Europe draws portraits so well (>_<)

Makoto: Here’s a jumping shot of the live house staff from the Finland concert lol You guys moved so well! I really appreciate it (>_<)

Makoto: The staff prepared Chinese food for us after the live (>_<) I’m starting to miss Japanese food (*_*)

Makoto: The hotel in Finland was really nice, but because of our next flight we only stayed about four hours (^o^;)

Makoto: Hey! My drum solo’s been uploaded to YouTube lol feel free to take a look (^o^) [youtube link]

Makoto: btw, it’s 4:35 in the evening German time! We’ve gone through a lot of countries so the jet lag is intense lol

Makoto: And we’re off! Finally got a taxi (^-^)v

[Twitter] Eat You Alive – Makoto


Makoto: Japan! Heading off! (^o^)/ (btw, I’m going to stop using Twitter until I get back to Japan! Sorry!)


Makoto: Nuuuu~! I’m gonna use Twitter after all (lol) EAT YOU ALIVE is in Paris right now! The local time is 11:45 (>_<) Doing some sightseeing before going to the venue (^o^)/

Makoto: Kenji all by himself (lol)

Makoto: And our tour bus!! “Gekido Edition” lol the boss is using his Iphone (>_<)

Makoto: Kenji and Ryohei (lol) Surprisingly, Paris wasn’t that cold (*_*)

Makoto: Yesterday: Japan→Korea (connecting flight)→Paris. It was about a 12-hour flight (>_<) My first time on an airplane was fun (^o^)

Makoto: Ta-dah! The “EU TOUR” T-shirt! ( ̄ー ̄)

Makoto: Btw, this is the back (^o^)

Makoto: Today we were at a giant shopping mall since morning! The Paris shopping mall was too big (>_<)

Makoto: We ate bread from a famous shop in France for breakfast! It was super good! (^o^)/

Makoto: Kenji, one who will sleep in the streets of Paris. (>_<)

Makoto: The most famous live house in Paris (>_<) In other words, we won’t be playing here today (lol)

Makoto: Crazy!! I’m seeing the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes!!

Makoto: Paris was awesome! Now for a short nap, then it’s on to the next flight!! Off to Finland!!

Makoto: Thanks for all the letters! (^o^)/

Makoto: EU setup for my drums (lol) I’m glad my solo went well too ( ̄ー ̄)

Makoto: The Paris live house staff! They were all really nice (^o^)/

Makoto: btw, this is what the live house looked like

Makoto: The lighting at this live house was super pretty (^o^)/

Makoto: The food was super good too (^-^)v

Makoto: Waiting for our flight to Finland! Local Paris time is 6:30 in the morning! I should be sleepy, but really awake for some reason lol

Makoto: In Germany!! Waiting for our connecting flight to Finland!!

(source: Makoto’s twitter)