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[Live Report] the GazettE – Pulse Wriggling to Dimscene

Standing Live Tour14
Heresy Limited
2014.08.04 (Mon) Shinkiba Studio Coast

It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. My ticket number was 1524 (second to last group to get in), but I was able to get to the front easily. I was near the front of the second section (the main floor was divided into two or three sections separated by some bars), but when it got closer to the live actually starting one of the staff asked the people in the front section to move forward so a bunch of space opened up and the girls in front of me let me through to the first section. I was able to get up pretty close to the stage on Aoi’s side.

The band opened with “The Invisible Wall”. I don’t really like when the first song is slow/a ballad. To me, the first song kind of sets the pace for the rest of the live. The initial image was pretty cool though. They had these giant candle-like things in the back that lit up with real fire before they started playing. It looked really cool. I think they used it a couple other times throughout the live.

After the first song they played “Hyena” (or at least I thought they played “Hyena,” but according to the set list going around tumblr they didn’t… I guess I have a horrible memory?? O_O) and “Cockroach” and I don’t remember what else. I suck at remembering the order of songs. Aoi looked almost bored for the first part of the live (I’m gonna blame it on the fact that they started with a slow song)

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[Twitter] the GazettE – Aoi (2013.11.11)

Aoi: I always say the same thing over and over and nothing else: momiji manju! momiji manji! So I seem a lot like Yoshida Shimada. But I’m not him! jk (=゚ω゚)ノ

Good morning! It’s really cold @ Niigata

[Translator notes]
I noticed that people were having trouble translating this. So thought I’d throw my two cents in. Basically he’s just being weird and doing a two-man comedy act with just himself lol.

[Twitter] the GazettE – Aoi (2013.11.14)

Aoi: It’s really is good stuff, isn’t it! Music, that is (^з^)-☆

Aoi: kukuku((⌯˃̶᷄₎₃₍˂̶᷄ ॣ)
I’m so happy! This young kid played our music. Looks like I’ll be able to sleep happily!

Aoi: What is Kanazawa known for?
Let’s all simultaneously Tweet at 3:15!

Aoi: hey!

Aoi: You guys are too subdued*

Aoi: You guys have a bad vocabulary so I’m gonna sleep! g’night (´-`)

(source: Aoi’s twitter)