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[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2015.01.26) “AREA3”

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Today was the third live at AREA* this month

We’ve been having intense set lists, so this time, we had kind of a special set list

Everyone was really great

HERO, Snow, Cattleya, Hacktivism, In Bloom

It’s been a while since we played those songs, but it was fun

I’m excited for Nagoya and Osaka too!

NEW SINGLE INAZUMA in-store event
Sunday, February 1, 2015
little HEARTS.Osaka
OPEN 3:45pm/START 4:00pm

Sunday, February 2, 2015 OSAKA MUSE

First ALSDEAD Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Oneman Dennkousekka
2nd round presale tickets now on sale!!!!
March 13 @ Shinsaibashi Clapper
March 14 @ Imaike CLUB3STAR
March 20 @ Takadanobaba AREA

[Translator notes]
*the name of a live house in Takadanobaba
source: ALSDEAD Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.23) “Important Something”

Important Something

2014-05-23 23:01:25

important something


Yesterday at the studio, I realized that there are still a lot of things that are lacking in ALSDEAD.

NIKKY and Yosuke are going beyond my expectations on the song we’re working on

After the studio, I went home and rearranged the song some more with Shin

Doing that, I felt a sense of moving forward that I haven’t felt before

It was a new sensation

I can’t really put it into words

But it feels like it’s something that’s necessary for the band ⊂((・x・))⊃



[Translator notes]
source: Maki’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.22) “Production Process”

Production Process

2014-05-22 19:33:48











Today we went to the studio to test out some songs.

It’s just not the same listening to it on the computer at home. Actually performing it helps me imagine the energy of a live.

So this time around our music is gonna have the feeling of a live performance.

I remember before, somtimes artists I liked said stuff like “This time, we made our album from a studio jam” during their interviews.

But I remember not really liking any of those albums.

I’m sure a lot of work went into making that sort of thing

But, to put it simply, the feeling of “I like the stuff that took a more elaborate effort to create” was really strong in me as a fan.

I’m gonna try not to forget the feeling of loneliness of that time

and attach it to my music



[Translator notes]
source: Maki’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.21) “Get Beat”

Get Beat

2014-05-21 22:08:15

With our live performance over, we’re putting all our efforts into composing new songs.

We’re experimenting with new things at the studio

But working from home is definitely depressing.

It’s like that Polish painter, Zdzisław Beksiński’s, painting of despair

We’re gonna immerse ourselves into that world

We don’t really have songs that are that dark

Gotta do our best

or we’ll get beat

get beat













[Translator notes]
source: Maki’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.20) “Talk”


2014-05-20 23:59:50


Today the four of us drank together to celebrate the other day.

Just talking about our new song makes alcohol taste good
It was a really nice talk




[Translator notes]
source: Maki’s Official Blog

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates. I haven’t had internet for the past 4-5 days. I’ll be spending the next few days catching up on blog translations and anything else I stumble on. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me here with any questions/suggestions/anything in general (^^)

And thank you to all of you who read the VA Ruki/Aki interview translation. It seems to have been really popular! And a special thank you to everyone who followed me on this blog, my twitter, and my tumblr! Sorry if I spam you with updates over the next couple of days (><)

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.19) “Ohana”


2014-05-19 03:48:37


These are the red flowers that were near the entrance of WEST on the day of our performance

They were really beautiful. Thank you.

Our next live on 6/5 will be a little empty**

But we’ll definitely make it a crazy night

Just wait an see



[Translator notes]
* He wrote “Ohana” in roman letters so I decided to leave it. “hana” means flowers and the “O” just makes it more formal, or in this case, more aesthetically appealing (since it is the title of a blog). Also, just some speculation, but I think the fact that he decided to write it in roman letters indicates it has another meaning. So then I began to think maybe he meant “ohana” as in family (you know, Lilo & Stitch. “Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind “). I thought it kind of made sense since ALSDEAD and their fans are kind of like family.
** I’m pretty sure he’s saying that it’s not gonna be a full house judging by the ticket sales.

source: Maki’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.18) “It Really Happened”

2014-05-18 23:05:36

It Really Happened

I was able to sleep well last night after reading everyone’s letters.

I haven’t slept that well in months

When I woke up, my neck hurt and for some reason my hands were swollen

It seemed so unreal, but this was proof that yesterday actually existed

I burn with a sense of duty as a member of the new ALSDEAD

this heat.. I’m so fired upヽ(`Д´)ノ

I’ll put that fire into my music



I took home the cat that was with the flowers yesterday*

I gained a new friend♥


[Translator notes]
* The ALSERs got a display of flowers for ALSDEAD and on it was a cat balloon.
source: Maki’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.17) “JUDGEMENT DAY”

2014-05-17 23:59:16




Thank you for a great time, WEST*

We were able to have an awesome start as the new ALSDEAD.

It’s thanks to all of you who always believed in and supported us

Thank you for letting me hear all of your beautiful voices. It got me excited.

I have a lot of faith in our brand new member, NIKKY. He’s already become a pillar of ALSDEAD.

Of course he’s great during a live, but he’s also a good asset when it comes to composing new music.

We’ll show you at our lives that we’re creating new music that will overcome your expectations.

Until then, you can listen to STARLESS and Picture.**

I heard you yelling from far away too. Thank you♥

I love you all




[Translator notes]
* He’s referring to the live house, TSUTAYA O-WEST, that they played at tonight.
** On their new single, STARLESS

source: Maki’s Official Blog

[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.15) “heat”

2014-05-15 23:32:33


Had dress rehearsal for the big show

It was laughable how hot the room got during rehearsal

It was like singing in a sauna
Now I know

Singing in a sauna sucks
But even though it felt like we were emitting an insane amount of heat

It wasn’t a bad feeling.
At last, the day after tomorrow

Looking forward to itヽ(`Д´)ノ

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[Blog] ALSDEAD – Maki (2014.05.14) “Observations on Yosuke①”

2014-05-14 23:26:36

Observations on Yosuke①

Today we had a radio recording so I was with Yosuke all day.

I have decided to compile a list of everything I observed about him.


His eyes really light up when he’s talking about stupid stuff.

Whereas when it turned to a serious topic, his eyes began to gloss over.


It’s really hard to describe how he loses all his energy during breaks.

I have no idea if he’s thinking about something or nothing at all


Sometimes I don’t know what he’s saying


He’s always worried about calories

He’s extremely thorough when it comes to calories


That about sums him up.




[Translator notes]
source: Maki’s Official Blog