Here you will find a list of terms often used by band members and fans. It’s not a very long list yet, but I will continue to build on it!

ALSER (オルサー): The name for ALSDEAD fans

cheki (チェキ): A small Polaroid picture many visual kei bands sell at their lives, usually for ¥500 to ¥1,000 each (about $5 to $10).

dosen (ドセン): “Dead center.” The middle spot in the front row, right in front of the vocalist (usually the vocalist’s fan from the jouren).

furi (振り): Hand motions that match the lyrics, guitar, or drums at a live. Sometimes the vocalist of the band will do the hand motions (sometimes they say to “dance”), but many times the fans will make up the motions.

furukabu (古株): Fans who go to every live of a certain band, but do not stand in the front row each time.

gurupo: gurupo is the name of communities on Ameba where people of similar hobbies/interests can gather and meet each other (I believe this isn’t as relevant anymore)

HERESY: The name of the official the GazettE fan club

jouren (常連): The group of people who always stand in the front for a specific band (i.e. the “regulars”). There are many self-proclaimed jouren who go to a band’s live, but do not stand in the front.

teban (手バン): Alternating your hands back and forth (around shoulder level) instead of headbanging.

live: In Japan, they refer to all non-classical music concerts (big or small) as “lives.”

OHP: Official Home Page (often shortened to just HP for “Home Page”)

saizen (最前): The first row at a concert. You have to ask ask the Shikiri before the concert starts if you want to be in the first row.

shikiri (仕切り): The main person among the regular fans (jouren). They go to almost all lives and are in charge of who gets to stand in the front row (saizen).

Sixth Gun: The name of any the GazettE fan originating from their Nameless Liberty Six Guns tour. Ruki said that five of the guns are held by each of the band members, and the sixth gun is held by the fans.

* My own personal experiences
* ライヴ関係一覧: A Japanese page with a few terms often used my concert-goers in Japan

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