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[Twitter] the GazettE – Ruki (2013.12.06)

Ruki: This guy really likes games

Ruki: I don’t play games though. He let me play a little the other day, but it was impossible for me.

Ruki: Ahh, of course I’ve played games before, but just fighting types. Also stuff like Kamaitachi no Yoru.* Stuff that you don’t have to read a lot of instructions for.

Ruki: I don’t think I’ve ever even seen an actual PS3 (lol) RT @vixen0504: @Ruki: I know what you mean… My last game craze was about two years ago, but I don’t have any time to play anymore… My PS3 is covered in dust (I only use it for blue ray lol).

Ruki: Yeah… it’s pretty bad, huh (lol) At first I didn’t even know the difference between a DS and a PSP (´._.ˋ) RT@vixen0504: Seriously? ( ̄▽ ̄;)” @Ruki: I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual PS3 (lol)***

*Kamaitachi no Yoru is the name of a game. wiki

(source: Ruki’s twitter)

[Twitter] the GazettE – Aoi (2013.11.11)

Aoi: I always say the same thing over and over and nothing else: momiji manju! momiji manji! So I seem a lot like Yoshida Shimada. But I’m not him! jk (=゚ω゚)ノ

Good morning! It’s really cold @ Niigata

[Translator notes]
I noticed that people were having trouble translating this. So thought I’d throw my two cents in. Basically he’s just being weird and doing a two-man comedy act with just himself lol.

[Twitter] the GazettE – Ruki (2013.11.16)

Ruki: fighting spirit

Ruki: I guess I really worried you guys in Kanazawa, huh. I read all of your messages. Thank you so much! I’m able to become stronger because of you guys. I’m able to think “I want to be strong”

Ruki: Thinking about the past, you guys have always supported me in these types of difficult times. I felt a really deep connection with everyone in Kanazawa, something that you just can’t put it in words like “bonds” or “camaraderie.” I’m really thankful.

Ruki: Next is Hachioji. I’m gonna go at it with everything I’ve got so I want everyone to come and go crazy

Ruki: I’m really happy that I have such proud fans. Thank you.

(source: Ruki’s twitter)

[Twitter] the GazettE – Ruki (2013.11.15)

Ruki: Everyone in Kanazawa. I’m really sorry. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who could only come today, people who went through a lot of trouble to come, as well as many people who came to see us for the first time. Due to various malfunctions we were forced to cut the songs where my voice didn’t come out properly. I’m really sorry for worrying you.

Ruki: I wasn’t able to say thank you to those of you who came out to see us, so allow me to say it here. Everyone, thank you so much

(source: Ruki’s twitter)

[Twitter] the GazettE – Aoi (2013.11.14)

Aoi: It’s really is good stuff, isn’t it! Music, that is (^з^)-☆

Aoi: kukuku((⌯˃̶᷄₎₃₍˂̶᷄ ॣ)
I’m so happy! This young kid played our music. Looks like I’ll be able to sleep happily!

Aoi: What is Kanazawa known for?
Let’s all simultaneously Tweet at 3:15!

Aoi: hey!

Aoi: You guys are too subdued*

Aoi: You guys have a bad vocabulary so I’m gonna sleep! g’night (´-`)

(source: Aoi’s twitter)

[Twitter] the GazettE – Ruki (2013.11.12)

Ruki: Niigata is over! Niigata has a kind of a shy image, but everyone was really energetic today! It was nice seeing everyone’s ecstatic faces. See you again

Ruki: But the venue today really let me see everyone’s faces~ There were people in wheelchairs there, but they looked like they were enjoying themselves and really showed me how they felt. It made me happy. With each live, gotta leave behind something awesome for all of you!

Ruki: Supposed to be heading for Nagano now, but not making much progress with this snow…

Ruki: Really ~_~; RT @ ykhcinc: @ RUKItheGazettE What! Snow? Really???

Ruki: Yeah, it’s cold in Tokyo too, isn’t it ~_~; Take care not to catch a cold、Mr. President! RT @ takeshinakano: Really!! Snow in Nagano, huh… well, it’s cold in Tokyo too…

Ruki: good night.

[Twitter] the GazettE – Ruki (2013.11.11)

Ruki: Morning. We’re playing at Niigata today! The weather isn’t that great.. But let’s riot with all we’ve got!(✞␣✞)

Ruki: Fight! RT @ _BORN_Ryoga: We’re playing at Shibuya Club Quattro today. It’s been a while. It’s a really unique event. I’m excited about the audience, backstage, and what kind of atmosphere there will be. Let’s put on a BORN live!

(source: Ruki’s twitter)