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TRA played at the last live of KAVKA’s shusai tour last night at Shibuya REX TRA and KAVKA seem to have gotten really close throughout this tour. They were the only band to play at each of live of the tour I think. It’s a shame KAVKA’s disbanding. It would’ve been great if TRA and […]

via 2017.03.18 live @ Shibuya REX — UNNEVER END


Unchain MV Spot


For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, TRA TRA TRA released an MV Spot for one of their new songs, UNCHAIN!

They will be releasing their first full album (2 Types), [bb]-beautiful blasphemy-, on March, 15 2017.


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[Blog Update]

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been able to translate for a while. I’m starting a new job and have a huge test coming up as well so I’ve gotten extremely busy all of a sudden.

To those of you who made requests:
Thank you for requesting translations, and I’m sorry that it’s taking me so long to get to them. My test is on July 6th, so after that I should have more time to translate. Hopefully I’ll have everyone’s requests done by the end of next month!

Feel free to continue making request! I will definitely get to them once things have settled down in my personal life.