ALSDEAD LIVE DVD「Born To Be Dead 2015」【Special Edition】/ Bonus gift (Yosuke vers.)

The following is a translation of what you will see if you want to purchase the Yosuke version of the Special Edition live DVD. (online shop:

Product Number: AL01-001-003
ALSDEAD LIVE DVD「Born To Be Dead 2015」【Special Edition】/ Bonus gift (Yosuke vers.)

■ Special Edition resale period

Reopening sales due to popular demand!
includes 3 discs, special package, special booklet
Furthermore, discs will also include a special bonus gift!

■ DVD details
・Complete compilation of  the 10/9 ALSDEAD presents ONEMAN【Born To Be Dead : CODA】performance held at Takadanobaba AREA
・select footage from the three oneman concerts on 9/12, 9/18, and 9/19
・member solo clips
・Backstage and making of footage
・compilation of clips from all previous music videos

■ Special booklet details
・24 pages full color
・concert photos
・member commentary on all compositions

■ Special Edition / all bonus gifts
① CD with the live versions of songs from the 10/9 performance
② package with autographs of all members

■Special Edition / Bonus gift (Yosuke vers.)
includes a DVD with a personalized message to you
※A DVD where Yosuke will say your name and desired message
※We will ask you for your name and desired message for each purchase
※We will email with details about the desired message after purchase.  Please make sure that there are no mistakes in your registered email address when making your purhcase Also, Please ensure that you can receive emails from “”

※Check the ALSDEAD Official Website for details

※We will ship items as they become available at the end of November

※The product pictures are only for reference. Before purchasing, please note that the product’s actual color, shape, etc.  may differ.

※In the case of ordering multiple items, everything will be shipped as soon as all items are available.  Please be careful when ordering items with varying shipping dates.

There may be changes in your order without advance notice.
Shipping dates my change if items arrive at different times due to circumstances in manufacturing and/or transportation.
In the event that your shipping dates are changed, please refer to this page for information.

Price(tax included): ¥10,584
Stock: Currently receiving orders
Category: ALSDEAD » DVD

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