[Interview] EvoL’v Special Interview: TRA TRA TRA

NEXT GENERATION Vkei Free Magazine EvoL’v
Volume 18
August 2016

Nothing will change in how we do things

With our attack force, “We Have Had a Successful Surprise Attack” we are pushing forward.


―With their huge success at the live they hosted on July 22nd, we have TRA TRA TRA with us today! Bassist Mamoto withdrew from the band at that same show, and you announced that you would continue on with only three of the members. Will there be any changes in the band’s concept moving forward?

Omi: After many meetings, we ended up with only three members, but “after the rain comes fair weather” as they say, and a strange strength in unity was born. I feel like our gigs have become more solid in an aggressive way. We’re a lot more extreme than we used to be.

Ryo: We’re definitely going to push our concept stronger than before so look foward to it.


―We saw the revamped TRA TRA TRA at your performance on August 4th. Could we get a few words of enthusiasm from each member?

Ryo: Nothing will change in how we do things from before we revamped ourselves. The feeling that we are doing something only we can do has become stronger.

Omi: More like, I want to challenge everything with “We Have Had a Successful Surprise Attack” as our offensive attack.  It’s like, I want to strike a fighting pose even when I’m eating.

Ryo: That’s just being a competitive eater. (laughs)

Hiroki: Rather, he just hates losing. You’re overflowing with determination. You burn with fighting spirit every day.

Omi: I don’t know why we suddenly started talking about competitive eaters (laughs) we’ll stick together and forge our own path.


―Without delay, let’s move on to the much talked about song, “KAMIKAZE,” that you have been distributing for free at the live houses. What kind of concept does this song have?

Ryo: Our band concept and our current mentality are layered into the lyrics. We made this song starting with the title, and just as the title implies, the feeling of not knowing what lies ahead yet continuing on with the intention to die struggling rather than surrender is in the lyrics. Excuse my languae, but if you’re not a son of a bitch willing to put your life on the line, you can’t make any significant difference.


―What are some points that you were particular about or points that are interesting to listen to in the composition and development of “KAMIKAZE,”

Omi: This is probably the best song to see what our gigs are like right now. We take the meaning of the words in “KAMIKAZE” and the inspiration from our surroundings to produce a bullet-like speed.  By no means is it a “good song,” so to speak. It’s the first song we’ve made that’s more something to experience live rather than a song to listen to for the music so we decided to distribute it for free.  Take it light-heartedly, and after seeing us live, it’d be nice if it could become someting like a good firelighter.

Hiroki: Personally, the build up after tempo change halfway through the song is a must-listen. But, like Omi said, “this is the first song we’ve made that’s more something to experience live” so people who have experienced it live probably think “the whole song is a listening point.”


―What kind of concept does your one man live, “We Have Had a Successful Surprise Attack”  ~Ryo Birthday Special~ at Higashi Koenji Niman Denatsu on September 25th have?

Ryo: The title of our one man has the same meaning as our band’s name. We wanted to combine it with the determination of our band’s name.  Plus, to put it simply, this is our first one man so we’ll leave everything on that stage.  We’ll grow twofold!


―It’s Ryo’s birthday as well as your one man event, could we get your thoughts about your first one man, Ryo?

Ryo: Everyone supporting us and of course, myself,  plan to thoroughly enjoy this first one man so I couldn’t be happier than if we were able to share this time together.  The best birthday present would be to have an awesome time together and celebrate both my birthday and our first one man so by all means, go crazy.

Omi: So you don’t need any actual presents then?

Ryo: … nah, that’s that, this is this. (laughs)


―Omi and Hiroki, do you have anything you want to say to Ryo that you normally can’t tell him? And what are your thoughts about your first one man?

Omi: I’m the leader plus I’m the type to straightforwardly say what’s on my mind so I’m sure that causes him some stress.  But he’s a really earnest guy at his core, and he can overcome anything by trial and error so he’s really reliable.

Hiroki: I guess you could say there are things I haven’t been able to tell him, I’m not sure … (laughs) but there are a lot of things I’m grateful for.  I won’t go into detail, though.  I think our first one man will become a very important day to me.  I’m going to give it my all.  For me, it’s something like the Olympics.

Ryo: Man, hearing all of this at once is kind of embarrassing (laughs)


―Since it’s your first one man, please give a message to all of the fans who have been supporting you.

Ryo: Let’s make this first one man something that only we can fully enjoy.  Be prepared to go till you drop.

Omi: This is the result of all our hard work so I’m sure it’ll be a really unique live.  Because it’s a one man, we’re really fixated on what we can do, but I want to challenge it with the same “don’t lose to the other bands!” spirit like we always do.  The other bands are in my heart (laughs).  Make sure you wear something that’s easy to move in.  Let’s have fun!

Hiroki: In any case, let’s make it a one man that we can say “that was the best” in regards to all aspects of it.  Everyone has to play the leading role.  Enjoy it with all of your body, all of your soul, and all of your energy.


―With your first one man and everything fast approaching, we have a lot to look forward to from TRA TRA TRA, but have you decided on your activities for the end of the year?

Ryo: Actually, our second one man, “We Have Had a Succssful Surprise Attack – Part Two -,” has been decided.  This time it’ll be Omi’s birthday.


―There’s even a second one man, “We Have Had a Succssful Surprise Attack – Part Two -,” event for Omi’s birthday! When will details be announced?

Hiroki: Actually, they’ve already been announced.  (laughs) Please check out our official home page!


―I’m too late! (surprised) In that case, could we have a few words from Omi for the members who have been working to fire up TRA TRA TRA as well as your enthusiasm for your second one man?

Omi: Why is it the birthday person who gets the most nervous? (laughs) Let’s celebrate!  More like, I want to compete with the attitude of celebrating.  I don’t really know what I’m saying (laughs)

Ryo: You’re really running with it.  In order to have a successful second one man, first we have to make the first one man a success.


―In closing, please give a message to our readers.

Ryo: Thank you to those of you who always read this magazine as well as to those of you who are reading for the first time. We’ve been revamped and have taken the offensive. We’ve become a more aggressive band in both music and in our live performances so please come see us at least once.  I’ll close with the same words as usual: don’t take TRA TRA TRA lightly!

Omi: TRA TRA TRA is a band you can enjoy listening to, watching, and taking part in. If you’re even the slightest bit intersted, please give us a try.  I want to become closer to those of you who already know us.

Hiroki: The true charm of a band, really, is seeing them live.  What can you do if you don’t go to a gig?  You definitely have to experience our music live.  Come demanding excitement.  We’ll give you all the excitement you need.  We’ll always be waiting for you.

[Translator notes]

TRA TRA TRA is read tora tora tora in Japanese. Yes, like the movie, Tora! Tora! Tora!
Tora tora tora was used to indicate that complete surprise had been achieved. Tora (虎) literally means “tiger,” but in this case was an acronym for totsugeki raigeki (突撃雷撃), which translates to “lightning attack” (Wikipedia).

The title of their first one man concert is ware, kishuu ni seikou seri (我、奇襲二成功セリ), which is basically just the meaning of tora tora tora: “we have had a successful surprise attack.”

★ Check out the unofficial fan page for TRA TRA TRA at UNNEVER END!


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