[Live Report] the GazettE – Pulse Wriggling to Dimscene

Standing Live Tour14
Heresy Limited
2014.08.04 (Mon) Shinkiba Studio Coast

It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. My ticket number was 1524 (second to last group to get in), but I was able to get to the front easily. I was near the front of the second section (the main floor was divided into two or three sections separated by some bars), but when it got closer to the live actually starting one of the staff asked the people in the front section to move forward so a bunch of space opened up and the girls in front of me let me through to the first section. I was able to get up pretty close to the stage on Aoi’s side.

The band opened with “The Invisible Wall”. I don’t really like when the first song is slow/a ballad. To me, the first song kind of sets the pace for the rest of the live. The initial image was pretty cool though. They had these giant candle-like things in the back that lit up with real fire before they started playing. It looked really cool. I think they used it a couple other times throughout the live.

After the first song they played “Hyena” (or at least I thought they played “Hyena,” but according to the set list going around tumblr they didn’t… I guess I have a horrible memory?? O_O) and “Cockroach” and I don’t remember what else. I suck at remembering the order of songs. Aoi looked almost bored for the first part of the live (I’m gonna blame it on the fact that they started with a slow song)

When they got to the ballad section of the live it was pretty intense, but I’ll never understand GazettE’s fascination with that single beam of light that goes from the stage to the back of the live house. Especially cos it’s always just one beam at first and for a pretty long time before it spreads out into whatever design/pattern for the rest of the song. Dramatic effect I guess?

Aoi missed a few notes on the acoustic guitar during “Shiroki Yuutsu.”

After the ballads, I was able to get even closer to the stage once everyone started jumping around/moshing. But I’ve decided I don’t really like it that close (even if I was only 3-4 rows away from the stage). I like head banging, jumping, and doing the furi that goes with each song, but when you’re that close to the stage at an FC live, you kinda just pushed around and have to move with everyone else. There’s no space at all for you to head bang and people’s elbows are in your back/hitting your head and it’s not that great (unless maybe you’re in the very front and have the bar to brace yourself, but I’ve never gotten that close). Also, for certain songs, a row of girls forms and they brace themselves against the people closest to the stage, trapping them. Then they help throw people up to crowd surf. It’s kinda crazy how organized it is, but being in that front group when the other fans are trapping you against the bar is kind of painful. Plus, I got kicked in the head a lot >< At least people have the courtesy of taking their shoes off before they get up there (they leave a pile of shoes in front of the girls who help them up and come back for them after). When people were crowd surfing during “LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~” Ruki made a kind of grimace like “sigh. They’re doing it again” lol. I’m pretty sure they’ve asked people not to crowd surf before because people can get injured, but the Heresy fans really like to do it I guess.

I lost my voice calling for the encore with everyone else. I’m always worried they’ll decide not to do an encore if we’re not loud enough. Everyone cheered really loud when Kai and Reita finally came out. I forget most of what Reita said ><;; I do remember him saying 汗を掛け合う or something along those lines. Basically, “let’s sweat on each other” because it was freakin’ hot in there and at least the front section of people were really crowded together.

I don’t really remember everything Ruki said either *fail* at one point he pointed to the people who were kinda on the side on the 2nd floor and was like “Actually, it might be really easy to see from where you guys are” to which one girl shouted back “It’s super easy to see!” and everyone laughed haha

There were some people even further on the side and he asked if they could see. I think they said it was hard to see Uruha, but then Ruki said “But you can see me so it’s okay” lol

When he was getting the crowd pumped up to start the encore, he accidentally said “Shibuya” instead of “Shinkiba” so he tried again, but messed up again, so he had to do it a third time haha the last time he said “Shinkiba” a bunch of times before actually yelling it. Like “Shinkiba, Shinkiba, Shinkiba, SHINKIBA!!!” LOL

Also, at some point (I don’t remember when) Aoi wiped his face with his towel and tried to throw it to the audience. It kind of failed (pretty sure it landed somewhere on the stage) so he kind of just shrugged like “oh well, sorry”

There was only one encore, and once again, we didn’t do the whole hold hands and jump thing. Do they not do that anymore? I’m pretty sure we did it at the tour final at Yokohama Arena… maybe they don’t do it for standing lives? I’m not sure…

Anyway, they ended the encore with “Filth in the Beauty”—definitely a great closer. I’m not sure how I felt about the set list overall though. It didn’t have the usual build up that they typically have. Maybe it was just cos I was really tired before even getting to the live so it was harder to get pumped up at first (having to wait a long time by yourself isn’t that fun either ><). Whatever it was, at least the end was epic. The GazettE definitely knows how to close a show.

Set List:

01 Hakuri ( 剥離 )
02 The Invisible Wall
03 Cockroach
04 Mob 136 Bars
05 Before I decay
06 Ganges ni Akai Bara ( ガンジスに紅い薔薇 )
07 Shiroki Yūutsu ( 白き優鬱 )
08 Nakigahara ( 泣ヶ原 )
09 Dim scene
10 13 Stairs [-]1
11 A Moth Under the Skin
12 In the Middle of Chaos
15 Linda ~Candydive Pinky Heaven~
16 Kantou dogeza kumiai ( 関東土下座組合 )


E01 Ride with the rockers
E02 Rich Excrement
E03 Discharge
E04 Filth in the beauty

credit: namelessliberty


9 thoughts on “[Live Report] the GazettE – Pulse Wriggling to Dimscene”

  1. You went to see their live? If you don’t mind my asking, do you live in Japan? That’s really amazing- I’m a huge fan and definitely want to catch one of their next tours. May I ask you a few questions?

    1. Yup! I got to see a few of their lives this year. I’m gonna try to see one of their lives for the last FC tour this fall. (^^) Have you ever gone to one of their lives before?
      And sure! feel free to ask me any questions!

      1. yeah the prices aren’t that bad. Visual kei isn’t a huge scene in Japan. The average Japanese person only has a vague idea of what VK is really lol so I guess they can’t really charge too much yet or they might lose their fans.

        For smaller VK lives tickets range from $20-$40. average is about $30 though. I’m pretty sure bigger bands don’t really go over $80

      2. I find it funny that the only place where most people in Japan really expect to see Visual Kei isn’t in places like Tokyo or other big-name cities.

        As for BLACK MORAL products(I’m pretty sure that you know what that is), do you own any? Such as T-shirts, bags, etc.

      3. yeah I own a few black moral things. not much though since they tend to be expensive/are sold out of what I want lol I own mostly towels. I also got a card holder for my train pass in Japan. I don’t think I’ve bought any BM shirts though. I have the shirts from when they performed at Tokyo Dome, but I don’t think those were BM (were they? lol)

      4. That’s cool.
        I only own the BM silver pouch so far, since I’m relatively new at the whole “I want to collect ALL of it” phase.
        H’m… no, I don’t think the shirts for Tokyo Dome were Black Moral, but I’m sure it’s still an awesome thing to own!

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