[Blog] GYZE – Ryoji (2014.05.11) “Sapporo ^^”

Sapporo ^^

May 11, 2014

Went back home to Sapporo
This street is straight and clear.sapporo_01


So many deer!!


Mami Kawada!
She’s been with us… probably since we were Suicide Heaven sapporo_03



Just what you’d expect from Shimoyama (Saber Tiger)**
It was an awesome performance. sapporo_04



I wanna stay like this just a little longer. ^^sapporo_05


I’m off to Super Curry~♫♫♫***


[Translator notes]
*SIXRIDE is a band Takenori Shimoyama joined after leaving SABER TIGER in 2002
** Takenori Shimoyama is the vocalist of SABER TIGER (a heavy metal band based in Sapporo). He left them in 2002, but rejoined them in 2009. (wiki)
*** Super Curry is a type of Japanese curry originating in Sapporo. (wiki)

source: Ryoji’s Official Blog



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